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Electrical Emergencies

Power outages or Electrical faults that leaves you without Electricity can be really annoying.

If I can’t charge my cellphone or switch on the TV, how else do I YouTube videos on “how to prank my wife?” 😁


These faults/outages can happen at any time, so you should have some measures in place to deal with these issues when the need arises.

An unprepared person will panic and blame the universe for targeting them, instead of just accepting that these things can happen, and being prepared will definitely lighten their stress levels.


Electrical Fires


Step one: Remain calm.


Very Important: Try to get to the Main Switch of your DB (Distribution Board), to switch off and isolate the power.


DON’T attempt to use water to put out the fire. Water is a conductor of electricity and can put you at risk of an electric shock. Even when disconnected, the electricity may not have disappeared totally.

You should invest in a Class C fire extinguisher that is designed for putting out electrical fires. If the fire persists, call your local fire department.

Prevention is better than Cure…

Burning wires emit a Burning-plastic-smell, which is very distinctive. Burning wiring can pose a very serious problem and must be attended to immediately.

What causes Wiring to burn?

Examples include: Old wiring, bad/loose connections, high-current draw over extended periods.

Do’s and Don’ts

If you suspect that the burning smell is emanating from the electrical system, then you must switch off the mains immediately, and contact a registered electrician.

If you are experiencing a tripping earth leakage or circuit breaker, don’t just keep resetting it in the hope that it stays. This is a fault present and needs to be investigated by a registered electrician.

I know you have a smart phone and can google any number, at any time. However, it is good practice to have a list of emergency numbers stuck on your power distribution board (DB).

Eg. Fire Department, electricity department, an electrical company.

Just as you have a family doctor that you have been seeing for many years, you should develop a relationship with an electrical company, which you would use for all your electrical work so that the standard of your electrical installation can be upheld.

Don’t try to save a buck by going with the cheapest of three quotes. This almost always ends up in disaster.



If a person has been electrocuted and is unconscious, you must first separate them from the current/power source. Be aware of the dangers of you being electrocuted as well.

If the person is not breathing, CPR must be administered on the person immediately.

If you don’t know how to perform CPR – Learn how.


Power outages caused by your Electricity Service Provider can also be seen as an emergency – which is another reason to plan ahead and install back up power to suit your needs. Walking in a dark premises can pose a tripping hazard.

Having a fridge melting away and leaving you with spoilt groceries isn’t cool at all.

Having your security alarm and other security systems not functioning, puts you at even more risks.

Your electric motor will fail after its battery runs down and can’t control the gate anymore, and that causes a breach in your security system.

So, in conclusion, there are many ways that you can prepare for these emergencies.

Stay woke people. 😉


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