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Do you know what “Dodgy electrical work” is costing you?

The Scenario: You called out 3 Electrical Contractors to quote on an electrical installation that you need done.

You’re only human – You chose the cheapest and went with it.

I always tell people, “Apples to apples…”.

In the Electrical Industry, I’ve seen how Contractor no.1 quotes on an installation, using premium quality products, whilst Contractor no.2 quotes on much cheaper versions and ends up landing the job.

You may argue, ‘…well it does the same job’.
And Yes, you are right in some circumstances.

However, was it fair on the contractor that quoted on the more expensive (better quality) equipment?

Nowadays, most electricians quote on the cheapest of products just to give them the best chance of landing a job.

Over the years, I have built relationships with my clients and know exactly what their needs are and what type of products/service each individual client is willing to pay for, and work/quote accordingly.

I treat every client with that personal touch that they deserve. 😎

No matter the job – Safety, compliant Electrical code and Neatness are always adhered to. 😎

Now let’s move on to Contractor No.3 – The cheapest of the three. This ‘contractor’ will not only use the cheapest of the products but also, in some cases use the incorrect items, just to maximize their profits.

This type of practice is mostly observed by unlicensed electricians because honestly, they don’t necessarily understand the full implications of this kind of practice.


My Experience:  I will not ridicule the works of another electrician. However, I have been to many properties to issue electrical Compliance Certificates and what I have found was just appalling. On 90 percent of those visits, the certificate was required because the owner was selling the property and didn’t want to spend money on something that wasn’t going to be for their benefit.

The sad part about this is that they lived for whatever period in a house that was electrically unsafe and therefore put their family’s lives at risk.

Choosing the cheapest quote, isn’t really the cheapest.

If a fire results from an electrical issue, then your insurance company will definitely be investigating the matter.  

If they find that the electrical code was not adhered to, then in all probability they will be turning down your claim.

Over and above that, what about the safety of you and your family?

I’m not saying that you should just go with the most expensive quote or the one in the middle, but rather get someone who has traceable references.

Someone who is established and not afraid to tell you who his/her clients are.
Make sure they are registered with the necessary conforming boards, so they can be held liable if there is an issue with their installation.

We at Wire 2 Wire pride ourselves on Neatness, solid Advise, Honesty and doing the right thing.

We have even walked away from installations that expected us to compromise on our ethics and morals.
When it comes to people’s lives, there shouldn’t be a compromise.

Lesson Learnt: Dodgy electrical work could cost you the safety of your loved ones.

Just because everything works in your place, doesn’t mean that it is Compliant…

If you think that your home may not be safe or up to standard, then give us a shout for a quote on an electrical Certificate of Compliance.

That’s it from me…

Be safe 😊 Be compliant 😊

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